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Securing everything important to you

Special Events

We have had the distinct opportunity to specialize in  Event Security. Whether it has been for large city events or suburban village fests we have experience working them. We have worked everything from globally recognized concerts to smaller village concerts and festivals. USPA can cover all your needs, from access and crowd control to specialized security

teams for performers.

Executive Protection

Whether you are a business entrepreneur, celebrity, or musician we have you and your team covered. Most of our protection agents have been in this business for a decade or more many whom have worked with celebrity clientele. We here at USPA have your safety and best

interests in mind.

Security Patrols

Mobile patrols are a great asset to have in a security plan. Here at USPA, whether it be a concert, housing community, village event, or commercial property we can quickly and efficiently patrol all necessary areas to keep your employees, property and guests safe. 

Banquet Halls

USPA strives to be a upper tier security company. We accept no less from all of our security Agents. That being said, if you need to have your banquet hall protected we are your company. We can offer anywhere from uniformed Agents to black suit and tie VIP professional protection staff for all of your event needs. We strive for our Agents to not only be the best in the business but

look the part too.


We would love to become a  great supplementary part of your in-house hospitality security team.  We have experience doing just that. We have worked in conjunction with some of the most elite Chicago hotel chains in providing flawless security teams to keep their staff, guests and clients safe. We would love to work with you!

Corporate Security

Whether you need security for your corporate headquarters, a important business meeting or a shareholder event, our Agents have your company’s back. We have experience providing meeting security for fortune 500 companies as well as perimeter patrol and front gate duty. All of our Agents will be hand selected to

best fit your needs.

Vehicle Protection

We know that you work hard for your money. That being said we offer and have completed security for private luxury automotive collections. We have protected in excess of $10,000,000 worth of vehicles (without loss). Go on about your drive and rest assured that we will do everything possible to keep what you have worked hard for safe! 

Auto theft has sky rocketed in Illinois. Police are stretched thin and can't be everywhere so let us be there for you. At USPA it is our goal to make your dealership a hard target. With mobile patrols and high visibility, hopefully we can deter and stop further theft of inventory. We offer unarmed, armed or off duty Law

Enforcement security Agents.


Here at USPA we understand that you want to feel safe whether that be at work or at home. That is why we offer and perform security for Business Associations as well as Home Owners Associations. We have experience with issuing parking passes and parking violations, building checks, grounds patrols, and have caught and had arrested community mail-box thieves who were presumably responsible for over $500,000 worth of stolen and washed checks.

Private Residence

With changing times and the rise in property crime we here at USPA know that the most important thing is to keep your family and your home safe. That is why we offer private residence protection services. Let our executive protection staff keep your family and home safe. We have experience with guarding average family residences all the way to multi million dollar mansions. 

Construction Sites

Whether the site is a new luxurious home being built, a new developing neighborhood, or a sky scrapper that needs interior and exterior protection while under construction. USPA has your work-site covered. We have done construction protection for various clients including a prestigious 37 story  downtown Chicago hotel.

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